Container terminal

The seaport Sukhodol plans to build a modern complex specializing in the transshipment of container and general cargo.

Prospects of the container terminal construction are connected with attraction of cargo traffic within international transit corridors along the route "Primorye-1" and "Primorye-2". Transit corridors are focused on foreign economic cargo traffic of northern provinces of China, by sea - to APR countries and northern ports of the USA, through the Northern Sea Route - to the EU countries. Acceptance of containers for import with subsequent shipment by land transport to the regions of the Russian Federation.

Estimated cargo turnover of Container Terminal at the stage of full development will be 1700 thousand TEU.

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The area of the Container Terminal at the 2nd stage of construction is defined as 77 hectares.

The container terminal is designed for:

  • for port transshipment of large-capacity containers from sea transport (container ships) to rail, road transport or vice versa;
  • for technological accumulation / disassembly of transport batches of containers and their temporary storage at open storage sites;
  • to provide clients with information, forwarding, customs and other services for timely and quality promotion of cargo (goods) from consignor to consignee.

Container terminal infrastructure

Infrastructural transport facilities of the container terminal in this project is proposed to include the following:

  • Waterways and navigable water area;
  • Objects of railway transport;
  • Objects of road transport;
  • Objects of external engineering and energy infrastructure.

Stages of creating terminal objects

The creation of the container terminal is envisaged in 2 stages. The composition of facilities, structures of the 1st stage includes:

  • Berthing facilities, consisting of two berths, a total length of 670 m, for receiving vessels type SK-5000;
  • Construction of storage areas of the 1st stage, including driveways;
  • Construction of railway cargo frontage (1st stage);
  • Construction of auxiliary buildings, facilities for various inspections, and parking areas for mobile equipment, which correspond to the estimated cargo turnover of Stage 1;
  • Equipping the terminal with high-capacity berthing, storage and rail freight front equipment;
  • Engineering support of all elements of the terminal: construction of intrasite networks.

As part of the technological facilities and structures of Stage 2 construction, further development of elements of the terminal is planned in accordance with the increase in the planned cargo traffic:

  • Development of the quay front to receive SK-7500 and SK-11000 vessels; as a result, the total length of the quay wall will increase to 1,420 m;
  • Construction of new storage areas, including driveways between stacks;
  • Construction of a new railway cargo front;
  • Development of Phase 2 auxiliary production buildings;
  • Development of a fleet of transloading equipment, including berthing, warehousing, for the rail freight front and intra-terminal container movements.

Mode of operation of the terminal: year-round, round-the-clock, two-shift.

The construction of the terminal has not started.

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