Mineral fertilizer terminal

The construction project of the Seaport Sukhodol provides for a Mineral Fertilizers Terminal. Estimated cargo turnover of the mineral fertilizers terminal is 2.0 million tons per year. The construction of the terminal has not started.

The main producer of agricultural products and importer of Russian mineral fertilizers is China. Problems were caused by the lack of storage space for these products in the Far Eastern Federal District (FEFD).

Mineral fertilizers terminal at Sukhodol sea port will be the first specialized transshipment complex for such products in the Far East of the Russian Federation.

Estimated annual cargo turnover of the Mineral Fertilizers Terminal is 2,0 million tons.

Operating principle of the Mineral Fertilizers Terminal

The terminal accepts mineral fertilisers delivered in hoppers. After unloading at the terminal's NSR, the cargo enters the terminal's conveyor system, through which it is transported to the covered warehouse for short-term storage. The terminal's conveyor system then transports the fertilizers to the terminal berth, where they are loaded onto seagoing vessels.

The terminal's rail freight front is represented by one railcar unloading station, located on a single railroad track. The useful length of the track allows to place up to 18 wagons for unloading. After submission of wagons by the shunting locomotive, the wagons are moved by the wagon positioner. After the wagons are unloaded, the wagons are removed from the unloading track by the shunting locomotive. The cars are unloaded into the SRV receiving hoppers by gravity from the hoppers, after the unloading hatches of the cars are opened.

After unloading of railcars the cargo is transferred from receiving hoppers to the conveyor system of the terminal represented by belt conveyors and transfer stations. The terminal conveyor system takes the cargo to the covered warehouse.

The mineral fertilizer terminal warehouse is represented by one covered warehouse designed for bulk cargo storage. Loading of the warehouse takes place via a belt conveyor located in the overpass above the warehouse. Unloading of the covered fertilizer warehouse is carried out by a rail-guided portal reclaimer.

The sea cargo front of the mineral fertilizer terminal consists of a single berth with a ship-loading machine (SPM) placed on it. The VMS is connected to the terminal conveyor system via a belt conveyor.

Construction of the terminal has not started.

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