Universal pier

Universal pier of the Seaport Sukhodol is designed for reception and handling of ships, transshipment of bulk cargoes. Cargo turnover of the berth is 2 million tons per year. The facility is being prepared for commissioning.

Universal pier of the Seaport "Sukhodol" is designed:

  • for port transshipment of various types of dry cargo (bulk and general cargoes) from sea transport to road, rail (and/or vice versa). The cargoes are intended both to support the construction and operation of the port and transfer to customers outside the port;
    for temporary storage of cargoes at open storage sites;
  • to provide clients with information, forwarding, etc. services in order to promote cargo (goods) from consignor to consignee in a timely and quality manner.

General cargo: metal cargo, mineral and construction cargo, equipment, containers, lumber, piece (cars, construction equipment, etc.).

Bulk cargo: grain products, ore, building materials.

  • Length - 235 m
  • Design depth - 12,02 m
  • Reception of ships with deadweight up to 50 000 tons
  • Cargo turnover - 2 million tons a year

The service life of the hydraulic structure is 50 years.

Universal pier is built. The facility is being prepared for commissioning.

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