Grain terminal

The seaport «Sukhodol» is developing a project of a grain terminal with fully automated system of management and control over loading of grain products. The design capacity of the terminal is expected up to 6 million tons/year.

The location of Sukhodol Seaport is economically advantageous for the transit of grain and soybeans to the Asia-Pacific region from the Far Eastern and Siberian Federal Districts of Russia, between the northeastern provinces of China and from Kazakhstan.

Estimated cargo turnover of Grain Terminal is expected up to 6 million tons per year.

The principle of the Grain Terminal operation.

The development project of the Seaport "Sukhodol" stipulates grain reception on the railway cargo front and automobile cargo front of the Terminal for short-term storage in silos. Shipment of products to sea transport is assumed by ship-loading machines, designed for the transshipment of grain cargo. All the grain movements on the territory of the terminal are supposed to be performed by the transport-conveyor system of the terminal, including feeders, chain and belt conveyors, elevators.

The construction of the terminal has not yet begun.

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