Environmental Protection

The issue of coal environmental safety is one of the priorities for the Seaport "Sukhodol".

All solutions for the coal terminal were subjected to a serious check by the environmental expertise and the relevant positive conclusions were obtained. The best available technologies that exist today not only in Russia, but also in the world, were used in the implementation of the Project.

Aspiration systems

Aspiration systems installed at transfer stations and railcar unloading stations collect fine particles of coal dust and send them together with air flows to soft containers (big bags). The advantage of this method is that the dust is also removed from hard-to-reach places. This contributes to environmental protection and employee health at the same time, as well as extending the service life of the equipment.

Dust suppression and wind protection

Coal transshipment and transportation along the conveyor lines is done in the most enclosed way possible. All conveyor lines are equipped with local windproof structures. Installed along the perimeter of coal storages, windproof walls perform both windproof and dust-suppressing functions. The walls, 18 meters high, reduce the velocity of wind flow in the warehouses, thus preventing coal dust from rising into the air.  Such preventive measures make the operation of the coal terminal more environmentally friendly.

Mechanical and vacuum dusting

Regular cleaning of the interior of the transfer stations, passages and platforms is provided with the help of special equipment equipped with mechanical brushes. This increases the service life of the equipment and systems, creates favorable conditions for people to work and makes the risk of coal spontaneous combustion impossible.

Protective green spaces

In order to reduce the amount of industrial dust and exclude the possibility of it being carried outside the territory of the enterprise, green trees and bushes will be planted around the entire perimeter of the site immediately after construction is completed.

Preventive environmental care

Environmental impact during construction and operation of the Seaport of Sukhodol will remain within acceptable limits due to preventive measures taken at all stages.

Irrigation dust suppression systems

To reduce the amount of dust during coal storage and transshipment, dust suppression systems are installed by means of irrigation / snowing in the winter period of the year. Dust suppression is carried out by creating and directed spraying of fine water or snow in the dust formation zones during the winter period, which contributes to rapid precipitation of dust particles.

Force majeure prevention

Regular measurements are made of important parameters: wind strength, air and water composition, etc. For example, if the wind strength exceeds the permissible limits, additional environmental safety measures will be taken. All this helps to keep the situation under control at all times.

Modern vessels

Seaport Sukhodol plans to cooperate only with those vessels that meet modern environmental standards, are regularly inspected and timely repaired.

Compensation measures

Even at the design stage, the potential impact on marine biological resources was assessed and the amount of possible damage to aquatic biological resources was projected. As a result, compensation for the damage caused is provided in full. Namely: before commissioning, 13, 8 million young chum salmon will be released (in 2021 10 million chum salmon were released); during the period of operation (50 years) 280 thousand young chum salmon will be released annually.

A list of measures and protective measures to help avoid or reduce potential problems for the environment

  • Maintenance and repair of equipment and dredgers in accordance with the equipment repair schedule to be developed by technical services;
  • Exercise control over the exact observance of work production technology;
  • Use of imported vessels complying with environmental standards in the course of works;
  • Providing preventive maintenance of power plants;
  • Use of technically serviceable vessels with adjusted fuel equipment, ensuring emission of pollutants with exhaust gases within the established norms;
  • All vessels shall be equipped with imported diesel engines, which, according to their technical parameters, comply with MARPOL 73/78 requirements;
  • Timely preventive maintenance of vessel installations;
  • Timely preventive maintenance of shipboard machinery and equipment which are not part of the single technological process;
  • Control over the exact observance of the technology of work production.